Jay & Sarah Boncato Wedding , Orcutt Ranch West Hills Ca

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Love is amazing, love is wonderful, love is what I do. I get the amazing opportunity to capture love with my camera. To capture these momentous occasions where my clients are able to stand in front of their loved ones and announce together in life, we are forever.
Jay and Sarah had put there unique touches and hard work to this amazing wedding. Along with family and friends,they brought the details of handmade signs by Jay, to the flowers and table settings to make this a truly unique wedding at Orcutt Ranch in West Hills, CA.


What do photos mean you?

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What do photos mean to you? To be honest, I hated photos. Growing up photos were so painful and boring, having to take them, sitting perfectly while my dad tried to figure out how to work the camera, my mom telling us to behave and sit still. At any age of 12 or below what kid wants to go through that. And then my teen years, any excuse to get out of them was always the goal. Maybe if I look mad or upset they won’t want to take my picture. It was all just too much. And if I hated being in that moment why would I want it captured forever.

So now as a person who loves photography I have a few tips.

  1. Never force your kids to take pictures
    1. Find a want
      1. some kids love the attention
      2. some just want a reward (My kids love popcorn)
  2. Make it quick
    1. No one looks good holding a pose after about the first 3 seconds and after that it is all down hill
    2. Get everything ready before you pose them
      1. Camera/Cell phone out
      2. Take a practice shot (digital is great)
  3. Make it about them
    1. You are taking that picture to capture the moment don’t force one
    2. If they are silly that is awesome, if they are confused that is awesome, if they have natural looking expression that is awesome, that photo may not be one you print on the wall, it will be the one that melts your heart when you are wandering down memory lane.
  4. When you are ready, call out to them and hope for the smile, or even something better, and snap away.

Now for the ones that you do print and decorate your home with I would recommend a professional. If not me, someone. This is what we do, we do all the things above and make it look artistic, beautiful, and special all at the same time. If you only do it once a year, please make sure you do it. Those photos you purchase and print will be simple everyday reminders of what a great life you really have.


To beard or not to beard

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So yes the beard. Why the beard, why so long, do I trim it, does my wife like it, why? So here is a little insight. I secretly love mens fashion, there I said it. It doesn’t fit into my logical practical mind very well. So it doesn’t get expressed much. But hey 2017, why not. And as a photographer I am my billboard and a direct representation of my company. Great Style is something I want to capture with my photography.

So the beard is a bold fashion statement. I started growing the beard about 3 maybe 4 years ago when I first heard about “No Shave November”, I thought why not, I have facial hair why not use it to bring awareness to cancer. I think it takes about a week for people to start noticing I just didn’t forget to shave that day.

So November came and went, and I started to get curious. If I could grow a decent beard in one month, where would December take me. And the year after that, what if I started in October, and in late 2016 I decided to make the biggest commitment yet. Oct 1st to February 24th(or some time before my daughter, Aubri’s, birthday).

So what started as a shameless way to be lazy for a month has blossomed into sort of a passion for me. And I would say mostly this year. In late October (FYI am a big youtube DIY guy)  I was curious is there any way to keep my beard a little better kept, so I brought up the youtube machine. And boy was I surprised when I came across an entire community of beard enthusiasts. Let me tell you it is on the rise. I can’t say I am quite there yet, but I do love accessories, so I now own my own beard brush, I trim it for style, I have tried beard balm, beard oils, and have even blow dried my beard. I am not sure I can keep it through spring and summer though, so I am not a purest yet. I’m not sure I could keep it any longer, I just need change.

Right now my favorite look is a suit with my beard. If I could wear a well fitted suit every day I would. Maybe next year. I have come to love my winter fashion accessory for my face. Let me know what you think about beards. Sexy? Scratchy? What comes to mind when you see a man with a beard?




Oh and yes Letty is done with it about Mid December, and yet she still puts up with it. Love you Letty.