Robert Cabunoc Photographer & Letty Cabunoc Business Manager

I am a photographer that strives to capture sophistication, classic style, and elegance in my photography. I push myself to create photos that not only capture the moments in life, but in a way that is visually striking. I strive not only to capture a wedding day , but to create photographs that are artistic and meaningful to my clients for a lifetime.

I love weddings for the creative challenge, the romance, and the beauty. I embrace the creative challenge, knowing that each these moments only happen once which makes each moment that more memorable. I flow with every situation. I am fueled on the constant flow of changes that I must adapt to. Constantly on my toes, thinking through the day and planning for my next shot to tell a story. In split seconds my experience allows me to adjust for lighting, family members jumping in and out, and anything else that may step in the way of me getting that amazing shot. It truly invigorates me.

I like to capture family and friends in natural situations with minimal posing. The beauty I find in photography is when I can capture the personality of my couples interacting. A quick peck here, a warm embrace there. Those moments where you can’t help but giggle and laugh. That is what I love to show through my photography.


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