To beard or not to beard

So yes the beard. Why the beard, why so long, do I trim it, does my wife like it, why? So here is a little insight. I secretly love mens fashion, there I said it. It doesn’t fit into my logical practical mind very well. So it doesn’t get expressed much. But hey 2017, why not. And as a photographer I am my billboard and a direct representation of my company. Great Style is something I want to capture with my photography.

So the beard is a bold fashion statement. I started growing the beard about 3 maybe 4 years ago when I first heard about “No Shave November”, I thought why not, I have facial hair why not use it to bring awareness to cancer. I think it takes about a week for people to start noticing I just didn’t forget to shave that day.

So November came and went, and I started to get curious. If I could grow a decent beard in one month, where would December take me. And the year after that, what if I started in October, and in late 2016 I decided to make the biggest commitment yet. Oct 1st to February 24th(or some time before my daughter, Aubri’s, birthday).

So what started as a shameless way to be lazy for a month has blossomed into sort of a passion for me. And I would say mostly this year. In late October (FYI am a big youtube DIY guy)  I was curious is there any way to keep my beard a little better kept, so I brought up the youtube machine. And boy was I surprised when I came across an entire community of beard enthusiasts. Let me tell you it is on the rise. I can’t say I am quite there yet, but I do love accessories, so I now own my own beard brush, I trim it for style, I have tried beard balm, beard oils, and have even blow dried my beard. I am not sure I can keep it through spring and summer though, so I am not a purest yet. I’m not sure I could keep it any longer, I just need change.

Right now my favorite look is a suit with my beard. If I could wear a well fitted suit every day I would. Maybe next year. I have come to love my winter fashion accessory for my face. Let me know what you think about beards. Sexy? Scratchy? What comes to mind when you see a man with a beard?




Oh and yes Letty is done with it about Mid December, and yet she still puts up with it. Love you Letty.





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