New Beginnings – Photography is now my life.

Photo: Aubri Cabunoc at 1 month


2017 is here and we are well into it and I am not ready. I wanted to be ready. I wanted to be able to launch a, a new business, a new life, a new me. And guess what, I am not ready. I wanted to have so much done already.

I have a business plan that I am working on that is only about 50% complete. I have so many goals and aspirations that I am frozen in the early stages of so many. What can I do to enhance my clients experience, where will my photography focus be, where will I focus my marketing on, how do I continue to grow my portfolio? The list seems endless. And then there are some decisions I need to make. Social media,what to post? Is it quality over quantity, do I post just to post. What is significant enough to post?Am I spending too much time wasting time just thinking about this stuff? Do I share the struggle, or will people not want to hire a photographer that struggles. I take a breath and take that first step, I move on, I move forward.

These are the things I do know. I love photography. Specifically I love weddings and portraits of people. So here is where I begin with my photography(I like bullet points).

  • I will strive to provide my clients with the best photograph of them they have ever seen.
  • I will strive to provide each client with an exceptional experience from the first email, call, or text and on.
  • I want friends not just clients for life.

Photography going forward is not just a business on the side or a hobby, that I spend my extra time on. I have made the decision that Photography is life for me. I live and breathe photography now, every day I wake up to photography and I fall asleep with photography. The only thing that comes before Photography is my family.

I plan to give it everything I have to make it succeed( I want to burn the ships behind me so there is no retreat), which means I need to learn how to advance. I need to make certain that every client knows what they will get and the value of professional photography. I want to be your photography studio that you can come to for anything regarding photography needs or questions(What is a mega pixel, how to post in social media, whats a JPEG, anything? Feel free to ask.). I need to learn how to provide an experience where each client that I meet feels significant and special, because we all deserve to feel significant and special. I want to work with each client to give them exactly what they want. I want to ensure my vision is in sync with their vision every step of the way. I want friends not just clients for life, this is where I feel I need to grow here the most. I know it has to do with my own lack of self confidence , but I will work to make lasting bonds.

I know I am confident in my skills as a photographer, I know am confident in my passion for photography and I know I want to be your photographer for life.

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